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Dangerous Dog Lawyers

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® is a long-established law firm representing clients in Dangerous Dog Cases throughout NSW.

If you receive a 'Notice of Proposed Dangerous Dog Declaration' or are faced with a Dog Attack prosecution, we can help you get the best possible outcome.

Why our 'Dangerous Dog' Lawyers?

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® is the most experienced and successful law firm in 'dangerous dog' and 'dog attack' cases in NSW.

Our Barristers and Solicitors are passionate defenders of pet owner rights and have in-depth knowledge of the rules, regulations and case-law relating to prosecutions under the Companion Animals Act.

We act for clients throughout NSW and can accurately advise you of your rights and options. 

If you have been contacted by Council or served with papers, we can provide you with the best defence to 'dangerous dog' cases.

We will be your voice when you feel you don't have one.

Our Experience

For more than a decade, Sydney Criminal Lawyers® has developed methods and procedures to deal with 'dangerous dog cases'.

We regularly conduct successful defences to these prosecutions; often having legal costs awarded in favour of clients in cases where they are brought 'without reasonable basis' or 'in bad faith'.

We frequently persuade Councils to withdraw prosecutions on various grounds, or to replace very serious criminal charges (eg 'dog attack' under section 16 or 'encourage to attack' under s17) with far less serious 'Penalty Notices' carrying fines only.

We regularly convince Councils not to issue 'Dangerous Dog Declarations'.

This is done by writing a 'letter of objection' to Council within 7 days of receiving a Notice of Intention to Declare Dog Dangerous. 

We regularly have 'Dangerous Dog Declarations' revoked (cancelled); which is done by applying to the Local Court within 28 days (or more than 12 months) after the declaration is made.

Rest Assured, you are in good hands with our experienced and respected Dangerous Dog Lawyers.

Benefit from the Expertise. Trust in our Experience.

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